Design it Your Way - Living Quarters Conversions

At SS Conversions we work with you to design the living quarters to meet your needs and budget. Our basic package, starting at $8,500, meets the needs of most folks, and we offer a full-line of options to meet your every want! We specialize in handcrafted cabinet and wood work we create ourselves.

We build one conversion at a time, allowing the opportunity for attention to detail and quality. We recognize the need to stick with the each customers design and stay within their budget. Our unique two-week turn-around from start to finish is unheard of in the horse trailer world for living quarters conversions. We can do it because all we are focused on is your unique conversion; it's all hands-on-deck to get this conversion done, and done right!

If needed, we provide our customers with free use of a horse trailer during the conversion time period.

Attention to custom touches in style and design make every SS Conversion a one-of-a-kind finished work based on the same sound and proven engineering. We are a full service shop for all types of needs and repair of living quarters and recreational vehicles. Our fabrication shop can build just about anything on wheels!

Give us a call and we can discuss your unique needs and wants and get started designing and estimating the cost for your living quarters horse trailer conversion.


Thanks for the Consideration - Shane Sample

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